Texas Regional Real Estate, LLC sales and dba RJ Realty Property Management

Property Management

RJ Realty Property Management is a division of Texas Regional Real Estate, LLC, that specializes in providing professional Residential and Commercial Leasing for anywhere in the State of Texas.  As Property Management specialists, we are fully focused on the priorities and needs of property owners.  As such our company only manages a total of 100 properties of different combinations, unlike others who manage hundreds or even a thousand, this smaller number allows us to focus on each property more keenly than just as a ledger item in a book.  We have a list of reliable local repair companies who will respond usually within a few hours to the next day.  This is a exclusive list, one complain and they are replaced.  We offer yard services for $25.00 a month ( charged only during grass cutting season).  Our clients range from property owners with a single property to real estate investors with a large portfolio of residential or commercial properties.  Our primarily focus on  commercial is retail or office space, light industrial.  

Property Management Services

  • At RJ Realty Property Management, we offer all the services mentioned below for the same basic price of 6% per unit a month.  (Never a charge if the property is not rented).
  • We will visit you at your property, and provide a lease valuation and any other advice which you may require about leasing your property.
  • We will advise you on compliance with the various safety regulations.
  • We will locate suitable tenants.  Your property will be advertised locally, or nationally if commercial.
  • We will obtain and evaluate references and credit checks.
  • We will accompany protective tenants to view the property, never just hand out a key.
  • We will prepare a TREC standard lease agreement.
  • We will collect and hold security deposits from the tenant.
  • We will prepare an inventory and a detailed Property Condition Report, including photographs.
  • We will, if required, pay regular expenses for you from rental payment.
  • We will arrange any necessary repairs or maintenance, first contacting you in the case of larger repairs, and or as agreed on.
  • We will check tenants out as required, while attempting to reduce to a minimum vacant periods to ensure that you receive the optimum return from your property.

Property Management FAQ's

  • What is our mailing address:  RJ Realty, PO Box 422, Killeen, Texas 76540
  • What is our office hours:  Monday - Friday 10:00 to 5:00pm  Weekends by appointment only.
  • How soon can I arrange to have my property managed?  Your property can be under management usually within 24 hours.  There are some forms that are required to be signed.  These can be emailed back to us if out of state.
  • When do I receive income from my property?  All payments received are processed and mailed out by the 10th of each month.  Direct deposit to your bank is possible.  Late payments received are processed and sent out by the 20th, unless eviction is necessary.  
  • Do you file the required documentation with the Internal Revenue Service?  Yes.  As an owner, you will receive your Form 1099, no later than January 31st of each year.
  • Should I have a reserve account?  Yes.  Reserve accounts are funds held for emergency repairs, and any other expenses that come up suddenly.

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